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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

The Vegan Sex Shop offers USPS Parcel, Priority Mail, and Express Mail. For international orders, we offer International Express and International Priority. We recommend Priority Mail for most orders.

Orders that include items currently out of stock will be handled at your instruction in one of the ways listed below:

1. Ship the currently available items and then ship the back order upon receipt of the product. (This would incur multiple shipping charges.)
2. Substitution of a similar item that is in stock and available to ship.
3. Hold the complete order until the originally ordered product is available.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products sold at The Vegan Sex Shop, we cannot accept returns. Sorry! However, if your product arrives in any way defective or you are otherwise dissatisfied, email customersolutions@thevegansexshop.com with a clear description of the defect (and preferably a photograph) and you may receive a replacement product. Remember, our number one goal is to keep you a happy, satisfied vegan!

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