6% of all profits go to charity.


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About Us

The Vegan Sex Shop is the effort of a small group of peace activists to bring veganism to the mainstream, and help eliminate the questions of "How do you X as a vegan?" With the Vegan Sex Shop, now you can XXX as a vegan! All of our products are vegan/cruelty-free, and 6 percent of all profits go to a charity of your choice!

It's frustrating to purchase a product and find out it's not vegan, and just as frustrating to feel like you need to contact manufacturers to find out if their sex products are cruelty-free. That's why we decided to create a website where we do it for you! Rather than selling exclusively "vegan" marketed products, we search out the most popular sex toys and products on the internet, find out if they happen to be vegan, and bring them to you on one site, where you can know your passion is promoting compassion. No more jumping from site to site for each of your fantasy needs - The Vegan Sex Shop has everything you need in one place at a competitive price!

In order to better serve you, the Vegan Sex Shop has a list of non-profit organizations for you to choose from. You can read more about them at our About the Charities page.

Our Promise
The Vegan Sex Shop wants to make compassion a consideration for every interaction, and that means caring about our customers. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern, and we want make our shop serve you. If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, contact us at administrator@thevegansexshop.com.

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